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1.How do I register a Starbet account? 

  • Go to www.starbet.ng
  • Click on join and fill the player registration form. 
  • Ensure that the names on your bank account correspond with name you provide to us.
  • It is very important that you provide us with correct personal information so that we can provide you with the best online betting ser
  • The company reserves the right to deny customers who provide false information as well as refuse them the payment of any winnings and/or money withdrawal requests.
  • The company may at any time request additional information from any user. Upon request, the user is obligated to provide any of the following valid means of identification in order to prove their identity: National Identity Card, Voters’ Identity Card, Drivers’ License or International Passport.
  • New link will be sent to your registered phone number or email address.

2.How do I deposit money into my Starbet account?

  • Starbet offers several deposit methods such Paystack, web pay, quick teller and many other channels. More means of deposit will be added as technology improves.
  • For more information on all available deposit and withdrawal options, visit the Depositor Withdrawal of your account in the Starbet website. 
  • Starbet will only pay to the user whose information is correctly filled on registered account.

3.Where do I find my user Id & Username?

  • Log on to www.starbet.ng with username and password. You will find your Agent ID and username at the top corner of the homepage.

4.How do I cancel a withdrawal request?

  • If you want to cancel your withdrawal request, you will be able to do that before it is processed. Simply go to the Withdrawal section of your account and all the pending and unapproved Withdrawal requests will be visible there under the withdrawal request form, then choose the withdrawal request that you want to cancel and click on Cancel button. Your money will be transferred back to your Starbet account within a couple of minutes.

5.I have made a withdrawal over 24 hours ago, but I still have not received it in my bank account.

  •  Please contact our Customer Support using one of the available contact channels and we will check your transaction. 

6.I forgot my password; can I create a new account?

  •  it is strictly unacceptable to have more than one online account per user. 
  • To recover your password, click on the ‘Forgot password’ Link available under the Password tab on the Login page.
  • Input your registered phone number or email address and click on password reset.
  • New link will be sent to your registered phone number or email address. 

7.How do I place a sports bet?

  •  You must be a registered Starbet online player in order to place bets.
  • To bet on a single event, choose the bet type/option from the Sports section on the Starbet website. 
  • To find the event you want to bet on, use the left side sports selector, Last minute bets or Popular categories. Once you find the event, 
  • Click on the selection you want to bet on and your pick will automatically appear in the Bet Slip.
  • Once your bet is in the Bet Slip, you can enter the amount of money you wish to bet on your selection by typing a number into the Bet Amount box. You can add up to 50 selections on one Bet Slip. As soon as you are satisfied with your selection, click Confirm.

8.How do I place a Multibet?

  •  To place a multi bet, you must select two or more selections of different events. This will switch the bet slip to the multibet tab.
  • You can add as many as 50 selections to your multibet. To select different events, you can navigate among different sports categories in the Sports book lobby or simply select odds from popular and Last-minute bets.
  • Selections will be added to your multibet as soon as you click on them.
  • The more selections you add, the higher your total odds and potential winnings
  • You add new selections.
  • Once you are satisfied with your selections in a multi bet, enter the amount of money you wish to bet on your selection by typing a number into the bet amount box and click on the Confirm button.

9.How do I place a System bet?

  • To place a system bet, you must select minimum of three selections of different events and the System tab in your bet slip will get enabled.
  • You can navigate among different sports categories in the Sports book lobby or simply select odds Popular and Last-minute bets.
  • Selections will be added in your System bet as soon as you click on them.
  • When you have selected all the selections to add in your System Bet Slip, you can proceed to the check boxes below where you can select the type of system you wish to bet on.
  • You can see how the potential winnings and the types of systems available to bet for you change when you add selections to your bet. The maximum selections you can choose for your system bet is eight.
  • Once you are satisfied with your system bet, enter the amount of money you wish to bet on your selection by typing a number into the Bet Amount box and click on the Confirm button.
  • Please note the bet count in each of the systems, you will need to place at least the minimum bet on each of the bets in the system. 

10.What is Live Bet?

  •  Live bet is a bet which is placed on outcome of live sports event, after the event has already started. The bets for live betting become available only when the game starts, or couple of minutes before it. During the game, odds on outcomes constantly change and adjust according to what is happening in the game. Due to this and a small delay in transmission from the actual event, there is a small 5-10 second delay on accepting Live bets.

11.Can I cancel my bet?

  • Once a bet has been confirmed, it cannot be cancelled. However, you can use the Cash Out functionality to reclaim some part of your bet or winnings if the event you bet on has not finished yet and Cash Out is available for that event. 

12.What is the minimum and maximum bet I can place on Starbet website? 

  • The minimum bet for sports bets and virtual games, including number games on our website is ₦50. The maximum bet is not specified and can differ from event to event, however maximum winnings from one bet can never exceed ₦10,000,000 in Lagos state for retail, while ₦50,000,000 in other states for both online & retail. 

13.How long will I need to wait for my bet to be settled? 

  • Our aim is to settle all the bets as fast as possible as soon as the event results are known.
  • Our players are our priority and we do our best to process our players bets without a delay. However, sometimes delays can happen due to the requirement of official validation for the event outcome.

14.How do I Cash Out? 

  • What is a Cash Out? It is an option allowing you to withdraw your money during the game by increasing your initial bet or reducing the risk of losing.
  • With Cash Out you can withdraw your bet before the final whistle – all you need to do is choose the Cash Out option in your Bet Slip.
  • To Cash Out, click on My Account icon on top of the page and select Betting History. You will see all your bets, and for open bets Cash Out button and how much you can withdraw will be displayed, if the bet is available for Cash Out. By clicking on the Cash Out button, you will immediately receive the specified amount into your Starbet account.
  • The Bet slip will indicate that the Cash Out has been successful.

15.How do I track my transactions, current bets and results?

  •  As a registered user, you can track all of your account transactions, bets in-play and results at any time through the following in your account sections:
  • Transactions
  • Betting history 

16.How does Accumulator bonus work? 

  • Star bonus is earned by adding 5 or more selections with odds of 1.20 or more in your betting slip.
  • The more selections you add, the higher potential bonus you can receive if your bet wins.
  • Starbet gives you up to an impressive 230% bonus added automatically to your potential winnings for 40 and more selections in one bet! 

17.I have received a Free Bet; how do I use it?  

  • Once a Free Bet is credited to your Starbet account, you need to choose the event you are going to bet on and you will be able to see the Free Bet option in the bet slip immediately.
  • Then, simply select the available Free Bet and confirm your bet. Once the outcome is decided, any winnings you may have acquired will be transferred to your Starbet account immediately. 

18.Do I need separate accounts for Sports Betting, Casino, and Virtual? 

  • One account covers it all – while logged in, you will be able to bet on any sports, Virtual or Casino, as well as use any other services you see on the Starbet website. All funds in your account will be accessible for all of the games. 

19.I cannot access my Starbet account; what should I do? 

  • If you are having trouble accessing your Starbet account, please contact our Customer Support team using one of the provided contact methods, our aim is to resolve all issues in the shortest possible time.
  • Please note that a forgotten password is the most common unsuccessful login cause and you can reset your password by clicking on the ‘Forgot password’ link available under the Password tab on the Login page.  

20.I cannot find my winnings?

  • Refresh the page or log out and log back in again. If the problem persists, please contact our Customer Support via available channels. 

21.What is the minimum and maximum selection of the bet slip? 

  • You can have a minimum of (1) selection and maximum of (50) selections. 

22.What are the minimum and maximum stakes I can place? 

  • The minimum stake you can place on sport is 100; while there is no maximum state, but it should not exceed the possible winning on abet slip. 

23.Is there a registration cost ? 

  • It is totally free to register. 

24.What is the lowest amount an online user can withdraw? 

  • The lowest amount you can withdraw is N1000 as an online user. 

25.In which currencies can I place a bet? 

  • Currently you can only bet with the Nigerian Naira. 

26.Can I change my Phone number (Username)? 

  • you cannot. The phone number (username) you have chosen during the registration process cannot be changed once you have created your Starbet account. 

27.Can I open a more than one account? 

  • You cannot have a multiple accounts.

28.How do I retrieve my Login Details?

  • To retrieve your password, please click on “Forgot Password” on the home page, next to the login area, on the next page, input your Phone number (username) and click next. The system will automatically generate a link which would be sent to your registered E-mail address. When you click on the link, you will get a prompt to reset your password immediately.  Please, go ahead and reset your password to a preferred one.
    If you have forgotten your username, please contact our Customer Services via mail: [email protected] or chat with us via the starbet website. 


29.How soon my withdrawal request will be approved? 

  • Withdrawals are processed from 9:00am – 10:00pm.
  • If you have requested your withdrawal during these hours, we will try to approve it as soon as possible.
  • Withdrawal requests after working hours (9:00am -10:00pm) will be treated the following day. However, note that at times we may have many withdrawals to process, therefore in most cases it will not happen instantly.  

30.Are there any withdrawal charges?   

  • No fees apply.  

31.Why do I need to submit my ID if I have winnings above N250,000? 

  • Your ID card is required to enable us process your withdrawal request in compliance with EFCC  KYC (Know Your Customer) Policy. 

32.How to check the status of my withdrawal request?  

  • You can check the status of your withdrawal request clicking on the withdrawal transaction from your “Transaction List”.   

33.What is the processing time for withdrawals?  

  • All withdrawals from betting accounts may take up to 24hours but might extend up to 48 to be processed in rare cases.  

34.Are there any fees when depositing? 

  • Quick Teller charges apply.   

35.What do I do, I made a deposit and it's not reflecting? 

  • Please contact the Customer service team. 

36.Can I use my international card to make a deposit?  

  • Currently, international cards cannot be used on the Starbet website. Only Nigerian Debit Cards can be used on Starbet website.    

37.Where can I view information about my previous transactions?  

  • This can be viewed by clicking your transaction list in your admin account. This records the transactions you have made previously such as your deposits or withdrawals and your account balances.   

38.How do I deposit money into my Starbet account?  

  • We have various deposit options listed on our website to make it easier for our esteemed players to choose from. Kindly visit our deposit page for more deposit options.   

39.Can I withdraw my money (initial deposit) back without placing bets?  

  • You must place bets before your withdrawal can be authorized.   

40.Does Starbet offer bonuses?  

  • Starbet offers a unique bonus on multiple bets.                                                                                    

41.How does Agents’ Commissions work? 

  • A: The more events selected on a ticket the higher your commission.
  • The commission is on sales, so you earn each week.
  • The Sports Monthly Bonus ensures that when you have a high Staker that is only betting on one or two events in the case that he loses and your profit is high for the month that you will be rewarded with Bonus Commission.
  • Sports Weekly Commissions are paid every Monday.
  • Sports Bonus Commissions are paid every first Monday of a new upcoming month.
  • Sports Commission is based on Sales and is dependent on the number of events that occur on each ticket. The commission ranges from 1% to 30%



42.How to place a bet in Sport?  

  • To place a bet simply choose a sport type (soccer, tennis, basketball, etc) from the menu located on the left side of the homepage, select Championships/Leagues, select events, click on the chosen odds and insert the stake you wish to bet on in the coupon in the right-hand menu, then confirm your bet. 
  • You can place different kinds of bets: singles, multiples, and system (combined) bets.  
  • Multiple bets may be placed by combining different sports: football, tennis, etc.   

43.The game is over but my coupon is yet to be settled 

  • After a game is finished, there is a working time needed to check the official results, to update the results and settle the bets. 

44.How long does it take for a bet to be settled? 

  • Be assured that Starbet strives to settle all events as soon as we can. Nevertheless, in order for us to uphold the accuracy of the results we present to you, there may be cases where additional time is taken to seek official confirmation of results.        

45.Can I cancel a bet?  

  • A confirmed bet cannot be cancelled for any reason.   

46.How many events can I add to my bet slip?   

  • The maximum number of events you can add to your bet slip is 50.   

47.What does halftime/full time mean?   

  • Halftime/full time simply means you are predicting what the result of a game would be at halftime and what the outcome of the same game would be at the full time.  
  • Home/Home - Home team to lead at halftime and win the match.   
  • Draw/Draw - The game to be level at halftime, and a draw at full time  
  • Away/Home - The away team to lead at halftime, but the home team to win the match.    

48.What does correct score mean?  

  • Correct Score means predicting the exact score of a match at the end of normal time. 
  • Scores are quotes as "Home Team Score - Away Team Score". 
  • g.  Norwich City - Chelsea FC (Correct score) 1-1 (your choice)  
  • You win only if the match ends in a 1-1 draw and lose if there is any other outcome.    

49.What does "double chance" mean?   

  • Double chance allows you to cover two of the three possible outcomes in a football match with one bet.   
  • - Home/Draw - This means the home team would either win or draw a match.  
  • - Home/Away - This means that either the home team or the away team would win a match.  
  • - Away/Draw- This means the away team would either win or draw a match.   
  • - What is the Over/Under Rule: 
  • - Please note the following and apply them to your Over/Under bets.  
  • Under 0.5 means less than 1 which is practically 0 
  • Over 0.5 means at least 1 (minimum of 1)  
  • Under 1.5 means less than 2  
  • Over 1.5 means at least 2 (minimum of 2)  
  • Under 2.5 means less than 3  
  • Over 2.5 means at least 3 (minimum of 3)  
  • Under 3.5 means less than 4  
  • Over 3.5 means at least 4 (minimum of 4)  
  • Under 4.5 means less than 5  
  • Over 4.5 means at least 5 (minimum of 5)  
  • Under 5.5 means less than 6  
  • Over 5.5 means at least 6 (minimum of 6)  
  • Under 6.5 means less than 7  
  • Over 6.5 means at least 7 (minimum of 7)   

50.What are the benefits of verifying my phone number?  

  • Some of the benefits include; 
  • An added layer of security on your Starbet Account 
  • Personalized promotional offers. This means we will be able to send your offers that are more suited to your interests 
  • Simplified password recovery  

51.Can I verify my account with more than one phone number?   

  • No, only one phone number is required for verification. 

52.I attempted validating my phone number and I received the error message that the phone number has been verified on another account. What should I do?  

  • A phone number can only be verified against one account. Our platform does not support one user operating multiple accounts.  

53.What if I have multiple accounts with the same phone number?  

  • You can only verify one account with your phone number. Once one account is verified, the other accounts will be blocked.  

54.I noticed I cannot make deposits into my online account. Anytime I attempt to do so, I get a notification saying my account has been locked. What do I do? 

  • You should contact our customer service support through any of our available channels.
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