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Terms And Conditions


 1. Introduction

Please read the Terms carefully as these general Terms and Conditions ("Terms and Conditions" or "T&C") shall be valid for all betting games offered by Starlight Ace Verde Gaming Ltd under the name of Starbet (a company duly registered under the laws of Nigeria, with company registration RC 1493983).

These Terms and conditions constitute a binding contract between you and Starlight Ace Verde Gaming Ltd.  if you do not accept the Terms, do not use the Website, Mobile platform, Retail outlets or any other means of placing betting or other transactions. The Terms shall also apply to all gaming via mobile devices including downloadable applications to a mobile device.

In these terms and conditions, unless the context requires otherwise, the expressions have the following meaning:

1.1.        “Operator,” “Starbet”, “we”, “Us” or “Our” is Starlight Ace Verde Gaming Ltd, operating under the brand name of Starbet a Sports Betting Operator incorporated in Nigeria, with registration code RC

1.2.        “Website” or “Site” is the website available at the URL www.starbet.ng and other related URLs.

1.3.        You", "Your" or the "customer" is reference to any person using the Website or any of the services of Starbet and/or any registered customer of Starbet.

1.4.        "Username" is reference to any person who has registered on our website.

1.5.        “Platform” is reference to any means of placing a betting or other transaction with Starbet which include, but not limited to, online (Web, Mobile, Mobile App, USSD, SMS) and Retail.

1.6.        “Betting Shop” or “Game Centre” or “Shop” is the land-based betting shop in physical location under the brand of Starbet, either wholly owned by the Company or Designated Operators, where customers can go                   and place their bets with cashiers.

1.7.        “Games” are Sportsbook, Virtual, Casino and other games as may from time to time become available on the Operator’s Website and in Operator’s Betting Shops.

2. Amending the Terms of Use

2.1 We may amend the Terms of Use from time to time for a number of reasons including (without limitation) commercial reasons, to comply with law or regulation, to comply with instructions, guidance or recommendations from regulatory bodies, or for customer service reasons (e.g. to keep up to date with any changes to the Services).

2.2 If we make material changes to the Terms of Use, we will give you as much prior notice of such changes as is reasonably practicable but, in any event, customers will be notified of material changes before they come into effect. Material changes will be communicated to you via pop-up web and/or mobile messages when you log into your Account and/or by email. Your continued use of the Services after being notified of the material changes will be deemed to be your agreement to the changes. If you do not agree to the changes, then you must not continue to use the Services, but you will always be able to withdraw your funds (subject to any rights we may have under the Terms of Use to withhold funds).

2.3 The date on which each relevant document comprising the then-current Terms of Use came into (or will come into) force will be stated at the bottom of the relevant page(s).

2.4These General Terms and Conditions apply to all  players playing on all our platforms. By using, registering and/or visiting any sections of our website www.Starbet.ng or any other application or platform or placing a bet in any of the operator’s betting shops you agree to be bound by our Terms and conditions

2.5The Terms and Conditions contained herein represent the complete, final, and exclusive agreement between the player and the Company and supersede any and all prior agreements, representations, understandings, and statements made by its agents and its employees

3 Account Eligibility

3.1 To use the Services, you must register and open an Account ("Account") with us. In order to register an Account, you agree and warrant (i.e., you promise and confirm to us) that:

3.1.1 You are at least 18 years of age as underaged betting is strictly prohibited on our site. Upon discovery that an account has been opened by an underage person, any winnings shall be confiscated, deposit or remaining balance, as the case may be, returned (subject to reasonable charges) and the account will be closed. In the case of Betting Shops, age verification will be requested if deemed necessary by our staff or the Agent at any time. We reserve the right, without notice, liability or recourse to damages, to void any bet placed by any person less than 18years of age.

3.1.2 You will provide accurate registration information when opening your Account, including without limitation your correct date of birth, together with valid identification proving the same, your current address, email address and personal telephone number. You further agree to promptly inform us of any changes in such details by contacting our support channels provided on our website.

3.1.3 You acknowledge that you are opening an Account solely for your personal use, and are not acting and will never act on behalf of any third party;

3.1.4 You will not attempt to sell or otherwise transfer the benefit of your Account to any third party and nor will you acquire or attempt to acquire an Account which has been opened in the name of a third party;

4 Account Verification and Due Diligence

4.1 The following information must be provided during the Account registration process:

•            valid mobile number;

•             date of birth;

•             first and last name;

•             full residential address;

•             valid email address and phone number

•             a chosen password.

4.2 We will verify your age in line with our legal and regulatory requirements and we may ask for proof of age and/or address from you (and we may suspend or restrict your Account until you provide such evidence).

4.3 As noted above, you must enter all mandatory information requested into your registration form, all of which must be true, complete and correct. You authorize us to carry out identification and other verification checks that we may require and/or are required by applicable laws and regulations and/or by the relevant regulatory authorities. You agree to provide all requested information in connection with these verification checks.

4.4 We' will try to conduct our verification processes electronically where possible, but if we are unable to do so, or if the check is inconclusive, we may ask you to provide us with personal identity documents. The identification documents that we may request for are your valid means of identification, utility bill or proof of deposit. As the case may be, we might require deeper checks.

4.5 As a licensed gambling operator and in compliance with our legal and regulatory obligations we are required to conduct a number of checks during the entire  account validity with us. In order to meet our regulatory obligations, we may ask that you provide personal details and/or documentation relating to your financial circumstances. As part of the registration and verification process, we may supply your information details to authorized reference agencies to confirm your identity. You agree that we may process such information in connection with your registration and Starbet’s obligation in terms of ‘Know your customer” (KYC) and “Anti Money Laundering” (AML).

4.6 You agree to provide all such information as we reasonably require, in the form that we require it, from you from time-to-time. If you do not or cannot provide us with the information that we need, we are entitled to restrict your Account in any manner that we reasonably deem appropriate, including preventing you from accessing the Services, placing any Bets, or from withdrawing your funds. Your Account may also ultimately be suspended or permanently closed.

4.7 You accept that all transactions may be checked to prevent money laundering and that any transactions made by you which we deem to be suspicious may be reported to the appropriate authorities.

4.8 When deciding whether to accept your application for an Account, we may supply the information you have given us to authorized third parties to confirm your age, identity and registered payment details. They will check any details we disclose to them against any databases (public or private) to which they have access and will keep a record of that check.

4.9 We will process the personal information which you provide in connection with Your registration in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

5. Duplicate Accounts

5.1 Only one Account is permitted per customer for all Starbet services. If you open more than one Account, such additional Account will be classified as a "Duplicate Account". If we discover that you hold one or more Duplicate Accounts, the following actions would be taken.

5.1.1 Close the Duplicate Account(s) or the original Account (as applicable), leaving you with only one Account (unless we have reason – for example if you have deliberately or fraudulently opened more than one active Account –Starbet reserves the right to close all of your Accounts);

5.1.2 Treat all bonuses and free bets, and all winnings accrued from such bonuses and free bets, obtained using the Duplicate Account as void; and

5.1.3 Void/cancel all future bets/wagers made on the Duplicate Account.

6 Account Security and How Your Funds are Protected

6.1 To open an Account, you will need to choose your own confidential username and password

6.2 Your username and password must be kept confidential. All Bets placed using a correctly entered Account username and password will be regarded as valid, provided that:

6.2.1 The Bet meets the other criteria for placing a Bet as laid down in the Terms of Use; and

6.2.2 We have no other reason to believe, at the time of acceptance of the Bet, that the Bet was not placed by you.

6.3 Subject to the foregoing and other than where it is due to our negligence, we will not be liable for any loss that you may incur as a result of misuse of usernames or passwords, or from any unauthorized use of your Account, whether fraudulent or otherwise.

6.4 Please contact us as soon as is possible if you have lost or forgotten your Account details. You agree to inform us as soon as possible (by telephone, email, chats or any other channel provided) if you believe that your Account information is being misused by a third party so that we may suspend your Account to prevent further abuse.

6.5 It is your responsibility to ensure that all your personal details are current and up-to-date, as failure to do so may result in Bets or payments being declined or payments being issued incorrectly. You can update your personal details via the Websites, by chat, by telephone.

6.6 We recommend that you disable any automatic password memory in your browser prior to using the Services. This will help to limit the risk to you of unauthorized use of your Account.

7 Confirmation of Bet:

7.1 Bets will not be valid if there are insufficient funds in your account

7.2 A bet is not valid until a transaction code has been issued by Starbet prior to the betting event.

7.3 All bets that have not been confirmed before the start of the betting event by the issuance of a code will be considered void. The printed version or a photo of a bet that has not yet been confirmed by Starbet will not be considered as a valid receipt.

7.4 Starbet only recognizes bets that appear as confirmed on the bet list of the betting account. Bets, which do not directly appear on Starbet server, are not valid. If you are unsure about the validity of a bet, please check your Account or contact our Customer Service. We shall not be liable for the settlement of any bets which are not issued with a unique transaction code. Should a dispute arise, you and Starbet agree that the Starbet transaction log database will be the ultimate authority in such matters.

7.5 It is the Customer’s sole responsibility to verify that the number of bets placed and the amount staked are coherent with his will before confirming the bet. Once confirmed, the bet cannot be changed or cancelled by the Customer. All odds are subject to changes. Only the odds indicated by Starbet in the bet receipt are deemed as valid.

7.6 Starbet has the right to refuse, accept or partially accept the bet amount. Furthermore, Starbet has the right to cancel all accepted bets before the betting event begins without any explanation

7.7 In case of irregularities impacting upon the outcome of a betting event (e.g., team playing with youth squad because of strike/protest/illness etc.), Starbet has the right to declare the whole betting event void even after the event has taken place

7.8 It is possible to place single as well as multiple bets. Multiple bets, which combine different selections within the same event or within different events, are not accepted if the outcome of one affect or is affected by the outcome of the other, unless special odds are offered for the combined eventuality. Where such a bet is accidentally accepted, because of human or technical error, Starbet reserves the right to void part of or the whole of the bet.

7.9 Requests containing the same selections or alternate from the same or different customers may be subsequently deemed void if believed that the customers are acting in collusion or as a syndicate. Also, where bet requests are registered within a short time of another.

In any one of the cases, Starbet may pay out only an amount that would have been accepted for one customer placing one bet. We will inform the customer by e-mail or phone and the intended stake will be left on the customer's betting account. Where a selection is made void, in case of Single bets the stakes will be returned. In accumulative bets, the stake will stand for the remaining selections.

The “possible winnings” section is for information only and all bets will be settled upon the basis of the stake at the accepted odds.

Should your selection include a void selection in a multiple bet, then the bet will be settled on the basis of the remaining selections.

Unless otherwise stated in these special Rules, the result of a sports event or race will be that which is declared by the relevant sport's governing body immediately upon the conclusion of the event. If a subsequent enquiry results in an alteration to the previously declared result, then notwithstanding this outcome, the original settlement of bets will stand. For example, horseracing bets will be settled on the basis of the official result at the weigh-in and will not be affected by any subsequent inquiries.

If the venue for any sporting event is changed, then all bets placed prior to the announcement of the change will be void.

The times of the events cited on the website are only indicative and subject to change by various sports federations. Consequently, bets inadvertently placed after the start of an event will be considered invalid, without prejudice to the other events which may be included in a multiple bet.

We reserve the right to delay a winning to validate if the bet was placed after the game had started.

If we find the instructions to be ambiguous and the ambiguity cannot be resolved before the start of the event then we reserve the right to void the bet, win or lose.

7.10 Customer complaints or disputes regarding a bet acceptance, settlement or resettlement must be submitted within 3 months from the date of the settlement of the bet, or if still pending, from the date of acceptance of the bet.

8 Bonuses

8.1 All customer offers are limited to one per person, family, household address, email address, telephone number, mobile device (e.g., mobile or tablet),IP, application download, or shared computer (e.g., public library or workplace).

8.2 Where any term of the offer or promotion is breached or there is any evidence of a series of bets placed by a customer or group of customers (e.g. where common betting patterns across the same fixture/markets have been identified across accounts), which due to a deposit bonus, enhanced payments, free and risk-free bets, or any other promotional offer results in guaranteed customer profits irrespective of the outcome, whether individually or as part of a group, Starbet reserves the right to reclaim the bonus element of such offers and in Starbet’s absolute discretion settle bets at the correct odds, void the free and risk-free bets or void any bet funded by the deposit bonus. In addition, Starbet reserves the right to levy an administration charge on the customer up to the value of the deposit bonus, free and risk-free bet, or additional payment to cover administrative costs. Starbet further reserves the right to ask any customer to provide sufficient documentation for Starbet to be satisfied in its absolute discretion as to the customer’s identity prior to Starbet crediting any bonus, free and risk-free bet or offer to the customer’s account.

8.3 Starbet reserves the right to withdraw the availability of any offer or all offers to any customer or group of customers at any time and at Starbet’s sole and absolute discretion. Offers only apply to customers who have made an actual/real money deposit with Starbet.

8.4 Starbet reserves the right to amend the terms of or cancel any customer offer or promotion at any time.


9.1 Payouts: All funds in a customer’s Starbet wallet will be credited to the customer’s personal bank account. Payout would only be credited from the bank account the customer’s wallet was been funded with. All withdrawals are been processed immediately they are initiated during working hours at least 2 working days (cases of delay in payment gateway).

9.2 Payout would remain in customer’s account and would not be granted in cases where Starbet has requested full verification of account.

9.3 Starbet does not accept any liability for any delays which may be due to the payment provider or the customer’s bank.

9.4 Starbet has the right to deduct from your account any winnings mistakenly credited to your wallet either technical or human error the amount remains the property of Starbet and you shall not have any right to sue the Starbet for such transfer. If prior to the Operator becoming aware of the error You have withdrawn funds that do not belong to You, without prejudice to other remedies and actions that may be available at law, the mistakenly paid amount will constitute a debt owed by You to the Operator and the Operator shall have the right to debit your account at any time the account is funded by you. In the event of an incorrect crediting, you are obliged to immediately notify the Operator by email.

9.5. Starbet may request identification documents for all withdrawals and perform due diligence in respect to withdrawal of funds which have not been used for wagering. Identification documents shall be either the National Identity Card, Voters Identity card, Driver’s License, or international passport of the Customer. This request can also extend to any withdrawal or number of withdrawals which cumulatively amount to or exceed the equivalent of ₦250,000.00 and Starbet reserves the right to carry out such verification procedures in case of lower withdrawals.

 9.6. Starbet shall carry out additional verification procedures and the identification of the Customer including all transactions will be checked to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. If customer fails to provide us with any of the requested documents within 30 days as of the date of the request, Starbet may confiscate any winnings on the account, return the original deposit or remaining balance (as the case may be), to the customer (subject to reasonable charges) and close the account.

10. Deposits

10.1 To participate in any real-money Bets via the Services, you must deposit money into your Account all information required to deposit funds into your Account can be found in Deposit page by clicking on “Deposit” button on the Website or in Help page Payment Methods section of the Website. You can use any of the methods available to you as specified in these pages.

10.2 Ensure you are making deposit from your bank account as the name confirmed on your deposit would be put in consideration when doing deeper checks on your account especially in case of withdrawal. Deposit must be made only with a credit card issued or from a bank account or e-wallet account held in customer’s name.

10.3. The type of deposit opted for may incur charges. Your bank may independently charge You for bank wire transfers and other methods of payment.

10.4 Starbet according to the regulators may carry out additional verification procedures which might warrant checking the identification of the Customer for any deposit which cumulatively amount to or exceed the equivalent of ₦300,000.00.

10.5. Starbet would ensure and advise that customers make deposits to their wallet from their own bank account as all transactions will be checked to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.

10.6. Starbet on finding out that deposit was not made from your bank account or e-wallet carrying the customer’s name has the right to return such deposit (transfer charges might be applied)

 10.7. All funds deposited in customer’s wallet must only be used for playing the Games. Starbet reserves the right to charge a fee should customer request a withdrawal without winnings.

 10.8. Starbet does not grant any credit for the use of its services and credit balances in Your account will not bear interest as the operator would not be seen as a financial institution.

11. Exceptional Occurrence


11.1. Where the Operator is not convinced of reliability of the outcome of the betting event published in

the official sources of information, it shall be entitled to defer confirmation of the result up to 3 (three)

working days. The Operator shall publish this on its Website. Upon expiry of the period of deferral, the

the winning shall be disbursed in accordance with the adjusted data available in the official sources of

information or, where such adjustments are not available, according to the original data.


11.2. If the outcome of the betting event (a complaint has been lodged) is contested before publication of the original match record (statistical data published immediately after the match), disbursements of all related winnings shall be deferred to the date of examination of the opposition (complaint).


11.3. In case of cancellation or change of the result of the betting event (for example, due to disqualification of a team or a Customer, officiating, amendments to the terms and conditions etc.), the original result, that has been published before contesting it shall be deemed to be the valid result of the betting event.


11.4. If the Operator makes a mistake in accepting the bet placed by the Customer and finds out about such mistake before or after the start of the betting event or after the conclusion of the betting event, the bet shall be canceled. Mistake shall be deemed to include (but shall not be limited to) the

following cases:

(i) setting the betting odds which is obviously erroneous;

(ii) a comma is missing;

(iii) where due to a technical error in live betting the betting odds in the betting offers are not

updated and does not reflect the real course of the match;

(iv) the positive sign is reversed with the negative sign;

(v) the additional betting event offers do not meet the main offers of the outcomes of the same

event (winner, handicap, total etc.);

(vi) the odds of the outcome significantly differ from the odds of the same outcome in the offers

of other betting operators (e.g. Bet365, Pinnacle, etc.);

(vii) a bet has been erroneously accepted on a market which should have been suspended or


(viii) a bet containing incompatible events is accidentally accepted, because of human or

technical error;

(ix) a settlement error is made while computing or crediting the amount of winnings.


11.5 We reserve the right to withhold payment and to declare bets on an event void if we reasonably believe

that the following has occurred:

(i) the integrity of the event has been called into question;

(ii) the price(s) or pool has been manipulated;

(iii)Match rigging has taken place.

Evidence of the above may be based on the size, volume or pattern of bets placed with us across any or all

of our betting channels. A decision given by the relevant governing body of the sport in question (if any) will

be conclusive. If any customer owes any money to Starbet for any reason, we have the right to take that

into account before making any payments to that customer.




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