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  • Casino Freebet

    Deposit a minimum of N5,000 and unlock a world of possibilities. Get N1,000 Freebet for Aviator and V-League

  • Freebet Promotion

    Unlock Your Free Bet: Follow These Steps to Win Big!

  • Cashout

    Enjoy cashout on on-going events before game(s) ends. Withdraw and take 100% charge of your winnings!

  • 2 Games Cut

    Even if 2 games cut, we go still pay you!

  • CUT-1

    One game cut? No worries we would still pay you.

  • Accumulator Bonus

    Enjoy up 230% accumulator bonus on your net bet and keep winning!

  • Welcome Bonus

    Enjoy Starbet welcome bonus and get 100% of your deposit up to N100,000!


  • Smartbet
  • Quickbet
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