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Casino Freebet



1. To participate in this promotion, a minimum deposit of N5,000 is required to play any sport.

2. Participants will receive a N1,000 Freebet specifically for Aviator and V-League upon making the required minimum deposit.

3. The minimum deposit amount may vary for different promotional bands. Check the specific band to determine the applicable minimum deposit.

4. Participants will receive a Freebet amount based on the predetermined band set by Starbet when they deposit within that range.

5. The Freebet amounts for different deposit ranges are as follows:
   - Deposit between N1k to N10k: Freebet of N100
   - Deposit between N10,001 to N20k: Freebet of N300
   - Deposit between N20,001 to N100k: Freebet of N1,000
   - Deposit between N101k to N250k: Freebet of N2,000
   - Deposit between N250,001 to N1M: Freebet of N4,000
   - Deposit between N1,000,001 to N2M: Freebet of N6,000
   - Deposit above N2,000,001: Freebet of N10,000

6. Freebets are only applicable for Aviator and V-League.

7. The promotion is subject to Starbet’s terms and conditions and is for participants aged 18 and above.

**Participants are encouraged to bet responsibly within their financial limits.


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